Something old, something new…

14 Jun

I know you are all eagerly awaiting vacation stories and I’ll eventually get there, I promise. But first a quick update on the current week. Jeffrey is still exhausting my parents in Pittsburgh and having a ball.

We are getting ready for the wedding extravaganza weekend. I got my dress fitted for Miriam’s wedding when we returned home from OBX. I bought the shoes and accompanying crap over vacation for it.

Tonight is the rehearsal dinner for Kevin and Kimberly’s wedding. Tomorrow is the actual wedding at Belhurst Castle in Geneva. I think it’s going to be beautiful and a ton of fun. We’ve got a hotel for the night in Geneva and then Saturday morning we’re off to Lake George for Brian’s sister Dee’s wedding. It should be a more low key affair and it will be nice to see everyone in the Meehan clan. My parents will be driving up Friday night with the baby and we’ll finally get him back Saturday night when we get home.

With any luck, life will be calm for a few weeks before we have to get ready for Miriam’s wedding and the 4th of July. It’s pretty awesome to be able to watch all of our friends and family get married. I’ll cry at all of them. It just reminds me of our wedding day (which was perfection) and I can’t contain myself, the tears just tumble. How exciting! More details when we get home!


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3 responses to “Something old, something new…

  1. Kellie

    June 15, 2007 at 9:29 am

    Have a smashing good time…..


  2. Kurt

    June 18, 2007 at 12:37 am

    It was an unexpected treat to have you guys stop en route and visit us this weekend. Hope the wedding was wonderful. (And the alcohol plentiful)

  3. The Dummy

    June 18, 2007 at 12:55 pm

    It’s unbelievable how much preparation goes into weddings! My sis is having one in a few months too, so I can relate to the hecticness. At least you’re on the receiving end of all the good times that are planned!


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