The Long Night

25 May

I am really tired.
Why then am I writing this post at 3:34am? The night before my husband’s graduation?
Of course I can’t sleep.
I jinxed myself, talked about it at dinner and now here I am sitting in my living room at 3am. To be fair, I did toss in bed for about an hour and a half before deciding to come on downstairs.
I mean what do you do after lying there for an hour willing yourself to sleep.
The funny thing is I’m sleepy. I’m in no way wide awake.
My eyes are tired, my body feels tired, Lord knows my mind feels tired. Unfortunately, instead of drifting into blissful slumber my muscles are rigid and tight and I just can’t seem to force myself to relax long enough to fall back asleep.

I’m using Brian’s *new* laptop since I can’t seem to locate mine at the moment. Brian took today to clean the house since family is visiting and I’m not sure where he put it.
I didn’t think it appropriate to wake him and ask. Luckily his was on the table so I used this as an excuse to play with it.
We’ve finally come to the agreement that I need a new laptop.
Mine just isn’t cutting it anymore.
It’s too slow to run vista. Which isn’t a major problem at the moment but will be as more programs come out for it. Plus it has the aggravating habit of crashing on startup. 4 or 5 times before it will let you log in properly. It’s really annoying. And now, it has the whopping battery life of about 20 minutes. Not a huge problem if I’m always plugged in, but occasionally I’d like not to be. It is a laptop, ya know?
We looked up pricing and specs on new ones the other night. I’m hoping that maybe by the end of summer we’ll have the capital to go ahead and get one. Very much looking forward to Brian’s impending paychecks. It will be so nice to be a two income family again!
Well I’ve rambled on enough. Guess I’ll try my hand at sleeping on the couch for awhile. Goodnight.
I’m very jealous of his new one. It’s very nice. Obviously he needs this a whole heck of a lot more than I ever would.


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2 responses to “The Long Night

  1. Kellie

    May 25, 2007 at 8:27 am

    Long nights suck. Knock on wood, I haven’t had one in a while (which means I will now…).

    I am in desperate need of a computer–laptop, desktop….who cares at this point. I need it before my POS crashes and I lose all the pictures of Morgan….

  2. Kelly M

    May 28, 2007 at 10:03 am

    God I so hate it when nights like that come along. It so frustrating..I know when I have nights like this..I get up too..cuz usually I just piss myself off even more if I stay in bed. Hope you finally got a good nights sleep!


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