Saturday recap

08 May

Wow, this weekend totally wore me out. I seriously need a nap.

Saturday was a blast! Jeffrey LOVED the farm. I think we need to buy him some chickens. Semi seriously. He got to play with chickens and a turkey, pet an emu and some horses and visit with goats. Plus it was all the more fun because all of his friends were there from Margaret’s House to join in.

From there, I dropped the boys at home and jetted off to the bridal shower. It was really nice, good food, no cocktails 😦 but I managed to survive without. Several friends were in attendance and we had a good time. Also, I managed to give the gift that embarrassed the bride to be. Okay, maybe not embarrass, but she hid the title from the guests. It was a cookbook I picked up a Passions party entitled Intercourses:An Aphrodisiac cookbook.  Yes, we are THOSE friends. 🙂

After the bridal shower, I headed home to pick up a few things for Jeffrey and the tickets to Ben Folds. I met Brian at Liane’s and we dropped Jeffrey and took off for the concert.

The concert? ROCKED. We ran into friends of ours pretty much immediately and ended up sitting and hanging with them. I bought a cd from the first opening act; Sara Bareilles. She was totally my kind of music, hippy piano chick with a good voice. The second opening act; Black Violin. Totally not my cup of tea. I liked the idea of hip hop violinists, but they were just awful. It seemed like all they did was shout “Black Violin” “RIT” and “Unh, Unh”, yeah, I’m too old for them.

Finally at 10pm, Ben Folds came on. He played for two hours and he was so awesome. This was Brian’s 4th time seeing him and my first. He did a lot of his older stuff that I LOVE. He is just so amazingly violent and powerful on the piano. The percussion is almost not needed as he pounds out his beat. I love the piano and Ben Folds treats it with cacophony and care, playing the innards of the instrument by plucking at the strings and at one point throwing his stool at it. Despite all the gymastics onstage, his technique is beautiful and his songs strike a chord in me, making me want to bob to the beat and sing out.


Posted by on May 8, 2007 in fun and games, Jeffrey


3 responses to “Saturday recap

  1. Kelly M

    May 8, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    WOw you were busy!! But sounds like you had fun!! One of my friends is a consultant for those Passion Parties. SHe loves it!! hah sadly though, I myself have never been to a party though!

  2. Kurt

    May 9, 2007 at 8:49 am

    Sure sounds like an awesome weekend! An adult cookbook, eh? Heh, heh, you ARE good friends.

    And, I don’t believe it. You’re never too old for something, even juvenile-opening-act-hippity-hop-call-and-response-stage-stalking-wannabe acts.

  3. happyworkingmom

    May 9, 2007 at 10:16 am

    What a fun weekend! I’m glad that Jeffrey loved the animals and that you guys had a blast at the concert!


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