My Ghetto Mobile

26 Feb

Okay my car is officially ghetto. The mirror, as I have previously stated, is broken. Completely my fault, I admit.

Brian has been stating that I am driving a “ghetto mobile” and is threatening to give me a cd with Adam Sandler’s  Ode to my Car on it.

This was brought back to me in startling clarity as I drove home last night. First: I can’t see out the back window of my car because the defroster only works on the top three lines. This is not helpful. It makes a line of ice halfway down the back window and prevents me from seeing anything.  Second: I am missing a hubcap. This is after replacing all four hubcaps last month. They are mysteriously disappearing into the ether. Three: The clips that hold on my windshield wipers (both of them) are broken off. WTF! Basically this means that even if I buy new windshield wipers they don’t clip in correctly and occasionally fall off. This happens generally when it’s raining (or snowing).

Don’t get me wrong, I love my car. It gets me around and the problems with it are mostly superficial. It probably won’t pass the state inspection this year unless it gets some fixes but it does get me from A to B.  It’s not very good in the snow but it does have an automatic starter so at least it’s warm. Eventually it will get fixed and it will  move from one stereotype to another (ghetto to yuppie).

**Edited to add: Brian reminded of another issue with the car. Last year a bottle cap or something got stuck in the tracks that move the drivers seat. For several months you couldn’t move it at all. After attempting to fix it several times, we are now stuck with almost okay for me and almost okay for Brian positions. It doesn’t move all the way up anymore or all the way back. In order to get it to move you have to put all your body weight into pushing on the seat while pulling on the little stick under the seat. It is so not fun.


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3 responses to “My Ghetto Mobile

  1. Kurt

    February 27, 2007 at 6:21 am

    At least it doesn’t have intermittent steering. And, it never leaks muffler fluid.

    In the meantime, in order to swing the status pendulum from ghetto back to yuppie, slap a “My child is student of the month at …” bumper sticker on. OR, to truly cement the ghetto status, put on a “My kid beat up your honor student” sticker.

  2. Kellie

    February 27, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    I’d go with the “My kid beat up your honor student” sticker 🙂 Ummm, my car is kinda ghetto, too. One of the 4 back speakers doesn’t work; the driver side door sounds like it’s gonna fall off when you close it, there’s a “noise” in the front end when you turn (totally safe…common issue with my type of car….needs some grease is all!!). Let’s be ghettotacular together 🙂

  3. MaryP

    February 27, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    Our car is fondly known as the “quirkmobile”, because you just never know, when you settle in behind the wheel, just what random thing might (or might not) happen.

    We have a transmission that sometimes surges and roars when going 20 km/hr – but never when the mechanic is driving it. We have wipers that have to be turned off when they’re on the downswing, otherwise they won’t start again next time. We have wiper fluid that works for the rear window, but not always for the front. A gas cap that has to be opened from inside the car. It stays cool on the highway, but overheats in town. The oil light goes on when the oil is fine.

    I’m sure there are more, they just haven’t happened when I’ve been in the car…

    It’s not a ghetto car, it’s just… quirky.


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