16 Feb

Oh it’s a clicky day here at Casa de Meehan. Here is some random stuff I urge you to check out:

Concerning V-Day:

  • Metrodad did a particularly lovely post for bosslady.
  • Likewise, Amy’s husband rocks out as she tells us how your honey should treat you over at amalah. I realize these are people that I link to anyway but they are particularly good posts.

Concerning geeks and their coolness:

  • Check out Ackward Things I Say To Girls and his post on Why geeks make good lovers.
  • Hey did you know Wil Wheaton has a blog? Remember Wil? He was on Star Trek the next generation. I had the hugest crush on him… well now he’s a grown up geek and pretty cool! Maybe I still have a crush on him?
  • Everyone (okay at least me and Brian) love the mac vs. pc commercials. Well truenuff did some spoofs with mac, pc and linux. Very cool. Very funny. Check them out!

General mommyblogging and people I love:

  • Look up Motherhood Uncensored. She’s really funny and her in-law stories rival Kellie‘s landlord stories.
  • I love Julie at a little pregnant. She discusses her life, her infertility and her world with wit and verve. She also has a 2 year old son who was born at 29 weeks. I love looking at Charlie pictures and stories and hoping that Jeffrey will be there soon.
  • Thanks everyone for supporting them and keep giving Leanne and Daniel your hopes at Follow Lingling as She Gives Lymphoma a Beatdown.
  • Oh and don’t forget my other daddyblogger over at Poop and Boogies. He’s hysterical. Read him!

I’ll have more for you later people. Not sure if I’ll be around this weekend so have a beautiful day and spread the love!


Posted by on February 16, 2007 in General


2 responses to “Clickity-Click

  1. Kellie

    February 16, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    I love Motherhood Uncensored…I laugh out loud at her posts!! AND, she gets PAID to blog…..where do I sign??

    MetroDad….LOVE him. Never comment on him, but LOVE him.

    And, I made it into your clickety click-ness…I’m thrilled….

    Happy Weekend

  2. Kurt

    February 17, 2007 at 11:54 pm

    Nice links. Thanks for the tips. Although I have read Wil’s blog off and one for years.


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