Joy and Pain

13 Feb

I started writing this a few days ago. Thought I’d finally post it as I have nothing left to add. (At least, for now.) 

Random Complaints:

  • Why do I live in Rochester? Argh. It is a 15 minute (10 on a really good day) walk into the parking lot from my car and it just sucks! Yesterday my eyebrows froze.  I know it’s not as bad as all of you north country folks. Ya’ll are crazier than we are 🙂
  • Why don’t people stop at crosswalks?  It is 4 degrees out. I am walking, you are driving. STOP!   Brian gave me a good solution but the hospital won’t allow me to implement it. His idea: Place baskets by each of the crosswalk signs filled with tennis balls. If you ignore the people in the crosswalk we can ping tennis balls at your car. This won’t damage your car but it might scare you and help someone from getting hit.
  • Why do our cats sit on the back of the couch and bite my neck? It’s annoying and painful. I know they just want attention but geez pick another method!
  • I’m tired of not eating dinner until 9pm every night. I know it’s my own fault. I wait for Brian to come home and then it is too late and I get bitchy. I rush to make food for the baby when I get home and usually forget about myself.


  • Listening to Jeffrey sing to me in the backseat as we drive home.
  • Watching Jeffrey climb up the stairs carrying his tube of diaper cream. He loves to crawl around carrying something. It’s very very cute.
  • Seeing that people posted comments on my blog. (Yeah!!)
  • Watching the nightly “cat battle.”  This is when the cats race around the house chasing each other and attacking random bits of fluff and one another.

It all evens out, I suppose.  Thankfully the complaints are few and paltry. Have a good week everyone.


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2 responses to “Joy and Pain

  1. Kellie

    February 13, 2007 at 8:04 pm

    Speaking of cold…yeah, WHY do I live here again? I’m from WAAAY up North and it never bothered me much. Now? HATE it!! It’s 12 degrees and I want to hide beneath a down comforter until May. I feel your pain on the walking to the parking lot thing. When I first started working in the city, I could park for a cheaper rate and hike the 12 or 13 minutes to my building. Instead, I opted to pay $6 or $7 a day to park a bit closer and only have a 4 or 5 minute walk. Still sucked canal water!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tennis ball/basket idea. 99% of the time, I stop for peds in a crosswalk. It’s the law. Or, more likely ’cause I get M-A-D when I’m waiting to cross and the eejits keep on drivin’ like they don’t see me standing there with my kid. Morons.

    Morgan likes to crawl around holding onto something. More often than not, she’ll throw it a bit ahead of her and then scurry after it and chuck it again. Rather comical to me 🙂

  2. Kurt

    February 13, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    I hear you about the cold! Although I’m kinda spoiled parking-wise. I get into work earlier than most people and therefore usually get one of the spaces that’s about 20-30 feet from the door. But my nighttime running makes up for that. Fifty-two minutes in 12 degrees? Actually not that bad, since I’m at a high output, but still… I sure wouldn’t mind NOT having to wear 8-10 pieces of clothing!

    Eating late? It’s either I eat then run, or run then eat. Since the latter is NOT Steph’s preferred modus operandi, I choose the former. Much to the chagrin of my stomach.

    And comments on the blog? Yes, yes, yes, it is a wonderful thing 🙂 It makes you feel like Sally Fields on Oscar night.


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