Weekend Roundup

22 Jan

Wow.  Do you ever want to blog, have so much to say, and have no idea how to spit it out?  Three days without a post and I don’t know where to start .  I’ll just separate into days and even then it won’t have half of the things that I want to say in it.

Friday:  Margaret’s House (our wonderful daycare) tells us that pinkeye and some type of GI bug are going around (can you hear my peals of joy?)  They have a policy that a child can have diarrhea three times before they get sent home.  Brian received a phone call around three o’clock telling him that we were at number two and to be aware that he may need to be picked up.  Luckily we took him home before he was kicked out. At home he seemed cheerful and happy, his normal self.

Which brings me to volleyball part I.  My stupid Friday team. We played at 10:25pm, an obscene time to play ball. My team captain wants us to win at all costs. Okay, I’m down with that.  I am competitive, but do NOT yell at me.  Yelling at your teammates never accomplishes anything. In my case, I shut down and refuse to acknowledge your existence.  As the setter on our team, I no longer set you.  Don’t piss off the person in power on your team.  Anyway the team has four goofballs that have never played before, but think that are outstanding. They’re young and I feel so old next to all of them.  I think I’m going to bail on them after this session is over.  I need more of a challenge and a team that has at least played before.

Saturday: Brian let me sleep in (isn’t he sweet!) I spent the day chasing little boy around.  I took naps when he took naps and we fed him motrin all day long.  He had a low fever of 100.2 that came down as soon as the motrin kicked in.  He seemed to be feeling fine and we went to Wegmans for groceries and bought Dibella’s  for dinner. Brian spent all day doing RIT schoolwork.

Sunday: Baby boy still had a bit of a fever but the motrin brought it right down. Brian did some work at home and then went into RIT at about noon.  At 4:30, Brian met me at Hotshots for volleyball part II. My Sunday team is the old guy team.  They’re mostly my dad’s age and they’re pretty good. We were in third place and we were in the playoffs. This should be a good thing, right?  Only three of our players didn’t show.  Mark, I have no idea why he didn’t show.  The other two are a husband and wife couple and they stayed home so they could watch football.  They’re not playing next session with the team and they basically sabotaged the playoffs for us.  We had to play with a substitute and we still only had four players. We lost in the first round and it really annoyed me because we were good enough to make it further.  Brian and Jeffrey watched and cheered us on, but it just wasn’t enough.

So that was my weekend.  Pretty boring but it was my life.  I did laundry and actually folded it.  Tonight, I may actually put the clothes away (gasp!)  I stayed away from the computer and chose to finish some books and play with my boy.

Until tomorrow.  Everyone have a wonderful night.


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4 responses to “Weekend Roundup

  1. Kurt

    January 23, 2007 at 12:37 am

    I’m up entirely too late reading blogs and posting comments.

    Anyway, sorry to hear about the lousy V-ball games. The couple stayed home to watch FOOTBALL? Oh well, you just need to find the right team–a team with goals similar to your own.

    (begin scold)
    And… I depress you?! Good grief, this is surely furthest from my intent. Haven’t you read me repeatedly state that you have to compete against yourself? And if you happen to catch or beat some others, then all the better. You sound like you’ve got a VERY full week of activities. No need to be depressed.
    (end scold)

  2. Kellie

    January 23, 2007 at 10:02 am

    I’m in need of nap just reading about your weekend!!

    Hope Jeffrey is better–don’t you just LOVE Motrin? I’ve found Morgan does not respond well to Tylenol. Although, her doc scared me a bit with a Motrin conversation and now I’m all confused and….I’m takin’ a nap!!

  3. Dani

    January 23, 2007 at 11:36 am

    My doc recommended Motrin to us. We actually give him Children’s motrin instead of the infant stuff. It’s not as concentrated and she just told us the dosage to give. I write it on all the bottles so we remember.
    Also our friend Heidi (She’s a pediatric ER nurse and used to work in the NICU where Jeffrey was) recommended Motrin to us. So I figure it’s safe.
    What did your doc say about Motrin? Apparently I was asleep and missed that blog day 🙂

  4. bony

    March 22, 2007 at 4:52 am

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