17 Jan

So I’m a little behind, but I think I’ve finally come up with New Year’s resolutions.

  • Blog more often (Woo hoo, doing this already!)
  • Read more books and actually show up at my book group
  • Learn how to make videos play on the blog (and don’t bother Brian about it)
  • Appreciate my family, treasure Jeffrey, and be nicer to Brian
  • Workout at least four times per week ( not including volleyball)
  • Spend more time outside this spring/summer biking walking with Jeffrey

It’s not a very exciting list, but I’m pretty sure that I can live up to it. Anyway I’ll keep you updated on how I am doing. Currently, I’m working on the blogging (as if you couldn’t tell) and trying to show videos. With any luck, I can post a video within the week and then get some up on Jeffrey’s blog. I’m well aware that no one cares about me on video, it’s all about the boy.

Cheers everyone!


Posted by on January 17, 2007 in General


2 responses to “Resolutions

  1. Kurt

    January 18, 2007 at 9:08 am

    That’s a respectable resolutions list. Reminds me that mine is languishing in my (lengthy) set of drafts on my blog.

    I had to add videos to my company intranet once and a quick and easy way was to do it via Google Video. I uploaded to my GV account, marked ’em private (so only I can control access), then used the link provided in the upper right of the page for the video and embedded it in the intranet (or in your case blog post).


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